Sunday, April 12, 2009

SharePoint List Template Id’s

The following table lists values for the default list template types. Thanks to Simeon Lobo and Smashou I have coded this sortable table of list templates types in a few minutes, and am still amazed by until where you can go in customizing Blogger.

MSDN Reference: ListTemplate Element (List Template)

Value Description
1200 Administrator tasks list
104 Announcements list
303 Blog Categories list
302 Blog Comments list
301 Blog Posts list
105 Contacts list
120 Custom grid for a list
118 Custom Workflow Process
130 Data Connection library
110 Data sources
108 Discussion board
101 Document library
106 Events list
150 Gantt Tasks list
100 Generic list
1100 Issue tracking
103 Links list
114 List template gallery
116 Master pages gallery
201 Meeting Agenda list
202 Meeting Attendees list
204 Meeting Decisions list
207 Meeting Objectives list
200 Meeting Series list
210 Meeting text box
211 Meeting Things To Bring list
212 Meeting Workspace Pages list
117 No-Code Workflows
2002 Personal document library
109 Picture library
300 Portal Sites list
2003 Private document library
111 Site template gallery
102 Survey
107 Tasks list
112 User Information list
113 Web Part gallery
119 Wiki Page library
140 Workflow History
115 XML Form library


s.c.vinod said...


I have create d a custom list and I’m writing an even receiver for it…can i know how to get the template id for that custom list?Thank you.

Marc Charmois said...


sorry for the late answer.

I am not a custom list expert, and I am as you, wondering sometimes about the way of choosing templates.

The only beginning of explanation I have found on the Internet to date, without having searched very deeply is these few lines at the bottom of that post:

List definitions Type and BaseType


0 — Custom List

1 — Document Library

2 — Not used

3 — Discussion Forum

4 — Surveys

5 — Issues List

so, if you are developing custom picture library set Type="109" and BaseType="1" (because picture library mainly based on document library)

another example if your are developing custom Calendar list definition set Type="100" BaseType="0".

* * *

If you or somebody else reading that post have further explanations or links to provide, you are very welcome,

hope this little helps.


s.c.vinod said...

Thanks for your reply :)

Lee Huber said...

Go to the All Items perspective. In the web browser, go to View Source and look for for ctx.listTemplate. The Pages Collection will display ctx.listTemplate = 850 and the Images library will display ctx.listTemplate = 101.

Lee Diggins said...

Nice Tip Lee Huber, many thanks.