Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quebec SharePoint Summit 2012 - Debriefing

Le chateau Frontenac by night (Gilles Pommier)

the Quebec SharePoint Summit has finished on last wednesday. It was an extremely enriching experience.

I am now starting the publishing of several posts based on what I have demonstrated during the two conferences I gave at the summit.
As the language spoken at the conference was french, and in order to serve the conference participants first in their laguage, I will first publish the posts in french within the french version of MOSS-HOW-TO : "MOSS Comment ...".

But first of all... In one of the two conferences, I have demonstrated how to do SharePoint publishing with the team sites of SharePoint Foundation.
As an example, I made a real SharePoint web facing site that was a copy of the SharePoint Summit site (that is unfortunately not made with SharePoint (but more for money reasons I learned)).

Some of the participants wanted to have the source code of the project. I promised to provide them with it, so here it is (if you don't see the link you are probably using Google Chrome... sorry, switch to IE or FF):

I stored a complete package in my SkyDrive. You will find enclosed :

The backUp file for the site collection --> sharepointsummit-6.bak

The .wsp file for deployment in the farm solution store --> MC.SpSummit_V4.0.0.0.wsp

 The source code of the original project for Visual Studio 2008 -->

is a quick manual for restoring the site :

1 - Create a Web Application within a SharePoint Farm.

1.2 - choose the 80 port

1.3 - specify this host header : sharepointsummit-ntlm

2 - create a site collection based on the team site template in english.
2.1 - Call it "Accueil"

3 - Modify the hosts file of your machine in order the url http://sharepointsummit-ntml be recognised by IIS.

3.1 - Test the url. You should display a normal english team site called Accueil by calling this Url at this step of the installation
(if there is a problem of authentification followed by an access denied, refer to

4 - Using administrator permissions for the new site, grant access to the site for anonymous users.

5 - Modify the bindings of your IIS site correponding to the web application and add the following Url :

5.1 - Modify the hosts file in order to be able to access the IIS site with this Url.
5.2 - Test it !

6 - Add the wsp file to the solution store
6.1 - deploy the solution to
the sharepointsummit-ntlm web apllication

7 - restore the .bak file to the site collection

stsadm -o restore -url http://sharepointsummit-ntlm -filename yourPath/sharepointsummit-6.bak -overwrite

Don't forget the overwrite instruction since there is already a site collection at this Url...

8 - test the 2 Urls :


It should work...

If you have any trouble, post a comment on this post...

Enjoy !!!